Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wither Lost Is The Peaceful Chord ? Heavens Are Silent So.....

wither has the music gone
the music that created peace
wither have the people gone
that comforted with peace

wither has the language gone
that sounded love and joy

why mornings are sorrowful
dull grey blue and mournful
what are these sounds we hear?
or we do not hear, lost in fear
why are we, green and queer
frowning staring giggling jeer'

the Heavens are quiet saddened
celestial spheres are quietened
no melodies nor symphonies 
fill the  majestic vaults-silenced

Forgiveness fills my heart and soul
That I must beg and offer, whole
for all times that I have in darkness
been ,The Lord still Merciful has been

If music be the peace of life
please let it return in  peace
supreme, for purposes pure
love and goodness secure