Wednesday, August 24, 2016

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Blessings ~~ Sound Sleep No Pain ~

 sound sleep no pain, on the fresh green grass
I have walked and lain,lush sweet scented

trees swinging gracefully I have seen,felt
 the sun with the breeze cool not too hot,

feeling alive after grief and sorrow,losing
dear ones,but getting more with morrow

eyes to read books and see,hearing music
of the spheres, birds gliding chirping

flowers smiling,children playing laughing
singing,joyful pleasures spreading, and yet

 there was day and night fear and fright
as I also lived with loss of speech and sight

helpless to help one with no help or sense
nor remedy for the agony that followed hence

life is a blessing with no shoes,if you have feet
to walk and legs to stand, a family to love

and prayers and grace from above, freedom
to write and food enough to share

then I may say that one is blessed, countless
graces are more than this,we cannot count

many we if there is  enough and 
life is not tough,add more chairs to the table

open the doors of your heart and soul
to truth honesty loyalty and enable

other lives towards being stable, give
and share and be grateful -Pray for All

so ye be more blessed before the final fall.....

Monday, August 15, 2016

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #315 ~ ...My Home Land Kashmir Bleeds

River Jhelum SRINAGAR Indian Held Kashmir

SIRINAGAR  City By the River Jhelum

Maha Raja's Palace Srinagar Indian Held Kashmir

My homeland bleeds , blood is black 
Freedom shackled Freedom fettered

my people suppressed, sprayed with
bullets, tear gas and pellets,scattered

innocents blinded youth martyred
women girls half widowed,dreams

shattered, Kashmiri Lives Mattered
Allah creates Life,Kashmiri Lives Matter, 

I am free but I should care, raise voice
 Cry Out for Justice, not merely chatter

O My People Fighting with Faithful Hope
with stones and bricks facing smoke,spattered

I too am in fetters, but not my heart spirit
and pen,I send my words of prayers faster

signs of freedom near, appear in visions
chains will break, as guns and flags fall

Truth stands clear and tall, white is black
Not long not long before Freedom is back'

This is the Fifth Generation of the Kashmiri People fighting for their Right to Freedom the Right to Vote, their Liberty from Indian Occupation,shedding blood as each day people are being shot with pellets,injuring the bodies specially the eyes.May Allah send help as soon as possible Forgive us all
and let the world be aware of innocent killing of young and old women and children...Hope Hope and Hope Lives ....