Monday, August 15, 2016

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #315 ~ ...My Home Land Kashmir Bleeds

River Jhelum SRINAGAR Indian Held Kashmir

SIRINAGAR  City By the River Jhelum

Maha Raja's Palace Srinagar Indian Held Kashmir

My homeland bleeds , blood is black 
Freedom shackled Freedom fettered

my people suppressed, sprayed with
bullets, tear gas and pellets,scattered

innocents blinded youth martyred
women girls half widowed,dreams

shattered, Kashmiri Lives Mattered
Allah creates Life,Kashmiri Lives Matter, 

I am free but I should care, raise voice
 Cry Out for Justice, not merely chatter

O My People Fighting with Faithful Hope
with stones and bricks facing smoke,spattered

I too am in fetters, but not my heart spirit
and pen,I send my words of prayers faster

signs of freedom near, appear in visions
chains will break, as guns and flags fall

Truth stands clear and tall, white is black
Not long not long before Freedom is back'

This is the Fifth Generation of the Kashmiri People fighting for their Right to Freedom the Right to Vote, their Liberty from Indian Occupation,shedding blood as each day people are being shot with pellets,injuring the bodies specially the eyes.May Allah send help as soon as possible Forgive us all
and let the world be aware of innocent killing of young and old women and children...Hope Hope and Hope Lives ....


  1. May help be sent; may hope continue to live. A strong poem, Anjum!

    1. Thank you Dear Mary -you are always so encouraging with your kind and appreciative words.It helps and comforts me greatly

  2. Your poem cries out to the world to heed the cause of the Kashmiri people. Such a long struggle for them. Your poem is strong and wonderful, Anjum, and I love that it closes with Hope. May their cries be heard. May they be allowed to live in peace.

  3. "I am free but I should care, raise voice
    Cry Out for Justice, not merely chatter"

    I like your linking of Freedom and non-Freedom--as all who feel liberated should care. I wondered why this came up on India's Independence Day, but I see from your notes that India is the oppressor.

    1. Yes Dr Susan No Doubt...Aug 15 Black Day..if Quaid e azam had not fought and won the case for making Pakistan we would have become slaves to Indian Hindus after the British handed over the Govt to the people....Thank you for your visit and interest.

    2. Dear school my class we were ninety one, we were hindus...muslims and Christians...this we noticed only when they brought sweets and dishes on festivals. ..we never talked relgion...thid continues till today...
      We savoured those sweets brought from different homes so full heartedly.
      It is not India or Pakisthan...but some vested interest of few people that created such situations.

      Try to understand this side of the land too...don't go after media...I live here...I know...we live here harmoniously. ..a few extremist make news...come to my will know then...we must stand with the common man of both land...not with people who creat boundaries...when I proudly say Malala....I never hesitate...

      I hope you won't misunderstand me...but creative people and the new generation must stand for harmony ....not for boundaries and false pictures created by viscious people... (they are there in both sides and from other parts too)

      Dreaming of a day when India and Pakisthan will join hands toward progress and prosperity.

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    4. Dear Sreeja I understand my family was also living with neighbors of other religions my father was a collegue with British medical officers all were happy and time was harmonious all changed. I grew up and was told stories of the Great Divide..I found my family very close to Mr Jinnah and we migrated to Pakistan with just our lives ...a blessing..but those who are there also need their lets us pray for peace unity and progress for real....amen.

    5. Yes ...may all of us be free from all kind of boundaries that hurts humanity...let us pray...

  4. How sad that it still goes on! I have heard that Kashmir is – or perhaps was, after all this – the most beautiful place imaginable. A desecration of the land as well as the people.

  5. I believe humanity is the only relegion...and Earth the one hope of land ...when all realizes this all massacres will end that happens in the name of relegion and land...
    Peace to all...

  6. I believe humanity is the only relegion...and Earth the one hope of land ...when all realizes this all massacres will end that happens in the name of relegion and land...
    Peace to all...