Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

For ~ Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Change ~ Unnoticed It Comes and ...

Change is Eternal
Change is Natural

Unnoticed it sails in, silently,
 soon golden effulgence radiates 
celestial spheres

Looks beautiful!
Hope shines through!
Life is beautiful,so true'

Is that M..... in gilded boat
floating down river Korang
 escorted by unseen fairies?

how vain are all false glories
all the pains, do change..but
 keep good humor and good sense

clouds overcast,all must fade
'painted or unpainted' but
unnoticed grace descends

Looks beautiful!
Hope shines through!
oh, its already elevenses 

I do not wish to be the change'
she said,'unnoticed it comes
with love,prayers intense

change for peace not turmoil
  change for flowers not the fire
          change for freedom not for fence...

 evenings chill, oil incense
floats, winter dusk in
mists in nature condense

Looks beautiful!
Hope shines through!
presence in pleasance 

unnoticed life changes 
 radiance divine consonance
key to happiness is acceptance

Life is beautiful! 
engulfed in fragrance  
benumbed by sillage sweet,
 cadences sooth in absence ~

I do not wish to be the change
It prevails unnoticed,a
blessing,beneficent beneficence ~

Life is beautiful ! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

For IGWRT ~ The Tuesday Platform ~ Peaceful Places ~


Majestic Hsi ever flowing 
and on its high banks 
graceful Bacchae may be seen

Indus Nile Ganges Danube 
sacred springs ...no shebeen'
guarded by the undine ?

who are these living bodies?
real? spirits? super celestial?
maybe but all seek one !

Peace serenity eternal
do we find it in water?
where lies the magic key?

Come Come Come
under the shadow of the tree
roots fixed sturdily 

cold warm wind or storm
faithful is the norm
since eternity

salvation from the cave
 Light revealed under
the tree

plant  plant plant 
a tree shade fruit and peace
food fuel and company

a tree forever is peace for ever

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Door' ~~ Shadow less Door

this door is too small,
fit for a rabbit or a mouse
but am I too tall or
 big or big minded, or ...

what is that?what? a key? will
it open the door for me?

there is only One
who has a key to every lock 
in every door,and a lock
for every key..

like an inner eye there is
an inner door,
when colorless,it shines
when smudged it whines

when peaceful,it's silent
when painful it beats
when banged it's still
when broken it bleeds

when pure it's elegant
when patient,shadow less
Shadowless in the sun? stranger 
still in constant revolution...

what great Doors are these
The Door of the Night
Faery and Elf Doors
Forbidden Doors and more
Ali Baba's Door,

no more no more

My feet are heavy my spirit walks
in snow fall cold,what do I hold
in the deep recesses of the Chamber
with doors,four....? I know not

how much, how many keys more 
I need, of kindness charity forgiveness_
will I be able to clean the dark mess
and push hard enough with selflessness?

no 'eat me' 'drink me' will work but only 
no Hercules Nor Ulysses nor Poseidon 
No Icarus will carry high ...

to open to release the weight of sin
known and unknown and  shut away the din
of painful lament, cries of repentance
woes misery despair of ungrateful stance?

clutching fainting holding on
a handful of smiles a morsel of love
all my treasure but a certain measure
last minute knowledge of  Truth Above

may save may save ..will save I turned never 
to look back and again Fall
I am too tall for the green door
in the invisible wall...
save me He will If I am good and still
do not cause pain nor deceive nor kill...

hope mercy  a vision of a Greater Open Door
drags me along...and where there never was
a shadow...the doorslowly creaked open
 in sight

darkness unraveled space vast lit up bright
blinding Light rainbow rays of day and night
I succumbed into the soft wings of Merciful Flight

far below left open the door
to let love peace freely flow...
no more dark shadow no more, no...

Saturday, January 7, 2017

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Vision ~ A Vision Enchained ~

Image result for women in chains

Natures womb a home a life a love
emerging in pain,washed covered,
put away unaware, who held -
so warmly at first
fed  so fully at first
hugged so tightly at first

 born,a new born
unsafe insecure exposed
know not how many saw
caressed -more responsibility said
a heavy voice- same body,same blood
but not the same-
not the same - 
not the same- vision.....

pain...still there
abuse ...everywhere
rape...in gangs

VISION ? of Sacrifice of intolerance 
deception degradation suppression
are you sure you are not a Grecian Urn
'Oh thou still unravished bride of quietness'

what vision lies in your tender perception'
what peace flies in variegated colors
what rainbows of unravel in panoramic arches
what bands flags flowers, salute in marches?

Vision of grace elegance honor? or
naked pageantry, with
thousands gazing freely at purity...
Oh World'  could it be Tarzan and Jane 

Look back and see The Holiness 
The Robed Truth The Unseen Belief

Real Vision would be white 
would be Light - bright in equal colors
contentment and gratitude in less
not more ...lessons of life manifest
'think 'Of man 's first disobedience '
would that ever go?

yet all is not lost-known is the cost
of Good and Vision of Peace is Wanted
and understood,,,,,,,,,,
or is it not so?