Wednesday, January 11, 2017

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Door' ~~ Shadow less Door

this door is too small,
fit for a rabbit or a mouse
but am I too tall or
 big or big minded, or ...

what is that?what? a key? will
it open the door for me?

there is only One
who has a key to every lock 
in every door,and a lock
for every key..

like an inner eye there is
an inner door,
when colorless,it shines
when smudged it whines

when peaceful,it's silent
when painful it beats
when banged it's still
when broken it bleeds

when pure it's elegant
when patient,shadow less
Shadowless in the sun? stranger 
still in constant revolution...

what great Doors are these
The Door of the Night
Faery and Elf Doors
Forbidden Doors and more
Ali Baba's Door,

no more no more

My feet are heavy my spirit walks
in snow fall cold,what do I hold
in the deep recesses of the Chamber
with doors,four....? I know not

how much, how many keys more 
I need, of kindness charity forgiveness_
will I be able to clean the dark mess
and push hard enough with selflessness?

no 'eat me' 'drink me' will work but only 
no Hercules Nor Ulysses nor Poseidon 
No Icarus will carry high ...

to open to release the weight of sin
known and unknown and  shut away the din
of painful lament, cries of repentance
woes misery despair of ungrateful stance?

clutching fainting holding on
a handful of smiles a morsel of love
all my treasure but a certain measure
last minute knowledge of  Truth Above

may save may save ..will save I turned never 
to look back and again Fall
I am too tall for the green door
in the invisible wall...
save me He will If I am good and still
do not cause pain nor deceive nor kill...

hope mercy  a vision of a Greater Open Door
drags me along...and where there never was
a shadow...the doorslowly creaked open
 in sight

darkness unraveled space vast lit up bright
blinding Light rainbow rays of day and night
I succumbed into the soft wings of Merciful Flight

far below left open the door
to let love peace freely flow...
no more dark shadow no more, no...


  1. The dilema, presented is quite interesting. It's it the way we see ourselves or the reality at which we are looking?

    And the allusion to various literary pieces makes for a wider vision of the situation.

    But it left to the reader to solve his or her own issues.


    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much love...

  2. I fear the "flight" door found by the narrator at poem's end, when much more hope was available at the beginning:
    "there is only One
    who has a key to every lock
    in every door,and a lock
    for every key.. ."
    SOme of us grow into a greater faith at journey's end, and some can never get as much as the innocent knowledge of our earliest years. I pray we never have to take flight and that I never run, even as I ready myself for that possibility.

    1. Thank you Dr Susan ...your analysis of these lines has given more deeper meaning to the 'thoughts' of the narrator.What I understand in 'flight' is the acceptance of repentance and forgiveness by the One and Only..or agreeing with your view that 'continuous hope should stay' never to give up' Indeed that is the right way.

  3. I love the line Susan quotes: "there is only One who has the key to every lock in every door." Your poem is thought-provoking, Anjum.........I really like the longing for more charity, kindness, forgiveness. We all need as much of that as we can muster these days.

    1. Thank you Sherry.This prompt has many aspects. Doors are also gateways...I tried to stay focused but found the thoughts flying all over..I guess my poetic invoice made me take the 'flight' to express that\ acceptance forgiveness kindness and good deeds are the keys to real life's door and eventual peace and happiness.

  4. This is a lovely poem. A little disturbing all the choices we have to unlock our inner door. Yet the One needs no key. I think of my own introspection and the doors I have chosen. I hope to keep open the door which encloses my heart, my kindness, my best self.

    1. Thank you Myrna best wishes ...may Allah shower His blessings on you always amen

  5. love the spiritual pulse of every word-beat...beautiful Anjum..."there is only One / who has a key to every lock" the lines will stay with me...such gems of words could only spring from deep faith...thank you dear poet....

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words

  6. Oh, this is so lovely, Anjum! Very powerful words...The good soul urges us to move on in the celebration called Life! :)))

  7. I couldn't help but think of Alice - and the beautiful curiosity of doors you have conjured here