Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For dVerse Poets Pub ~ Inner Recesses ~


what is this burden

stillness in beat ,

bleeding through

the inner recesses ...

I seek Light, It may make it light

I seek warmth it may console it

I seek peace it may soothe it

I seek silence it may stable it

where are all these I need

in inner recesses or outside

in the blue skies

in the white clouds

in colored rainbows

or in green grasslands

in inner recesses is

a voice whispering

a beat warning

a flow living

a life growing

a spirit gifted

Ah tis the spirited heart

But I parted with it, surrendered it

to The Majestic

Praying that it may be cleaned

filled with patience

filled with warmth filled with love

filled with forgiveness

filled with truth and all good

so that I may be Light

in ..inner recesses


  1. It's that inner voice that gives life.

    What more could we need? Beautiful.

  3. I liked the idea of surrendering the heart so it may enlighten the inner recesses.

  4. Thank you All Dear Friends I am so encouraged grateful and honored