Monday, February 20, 2017

For IGWRT ~ Micro Poetry ~ And The Moon ~

and the moon came early shining to show
its presence...have you ever wondered
why it is always so calm ?
see the day has been so warm 
taking the toll energy and heat
sweaty is the body tired,the feet
and the moon comes in,cool
silently to fill the vacant pool
with soothing loving light
staying on till it is the end of night.... 


  1. The calmness of the moon shines through your poem, Anjum. I love the reply to the rhetorical question, that 'the day has been so warm /
    taking the toll energy and heat / sweaty is the body, tired the feet' followed by the beautifully cool imagery of the moon pool.

  2. The moon is a wonderful emblem of serenity.

  3. indeed it is ...thank you friend Kerry.

  4. Moonlight is calming. Lovely poem.

  5. Guess moon has to do what she does best, Lovely serene pondering mood in your poem

    much love...

  6. This was so evocative and calming! Just like moonlight!