Prayers of Gratitude

O` Almighty Allah!
The Bestower  The  Giver!
Of All  Wonderful  Things!

Thank you for all that you have given
To us today and in the past weeks;
We may have made mistakes ;
We may not have done our best,
but we are trying hard
Help us to see the light of truth
Help us to gain the knowledge of truth.
Guide us, to remove the shadows
and spread brightness, everywhere. 


O Almighty Allah!

The Merciful,  The All Seeing.
Thank you for another day
Thank you for the gift of sight
With which I saw the beauty around
Thank you for the power to write
The feelings that in my heart, I found;
Thank you for the time, in which I completed
My work and task
for which I was duty bound;
Thank you for all your help, please
Guide me always so that I can see
The goodness surround.


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