Friday, May 20, 2011

Concrete Connection

'Something there is that does not love a wall'

something there is that does not love at all-

though Love makes the world go round, which of

the twelve kinds abounds and surrounds?

I doubt for all I see from above

there is one land mass, open to view

 amidst the vast boundless ocean blue

no line no divide All in one stride

one piece linking all, brick by brick

arch by arch, curve by curve, peace to serve

towers tall destined to fall, walls forsaken

blasted and broken,crushed and crumpled

built for miles in mountainous terrains

hardly hide or hold the reins of stains

and strains,no gains just partitions and pains;

scattered dead are the remains,known or unknown

all are undertaken, in soil or sea, alone

all have to go-yet why do we ignore ,no score

the evergreen side by side, grow and abide

ever beside, fresh and seen , scene by scene,

life beyond is the Truth for sure,this side

is strife,war and death,how short is the sight

for just on the other side, side by side

love and peace and sunshine bright,sparkle

in line all the time waiting to receive

those who wish to serve the Lord,all they

need, to stop and turn and gently move

through the arch , under the curve,

and as we remember the great resurrection

let us turn and not ignore the holy concrete connection.