Monday, November 17, 2014

Plato and Poetry

banished poets 
would not be happy
seeing so many

writers thinking  
and writing poetry



are not fighting

nor are they blasting

nor putting innocents

to eternal sleep


by inspiring prompts

may repair wrongs

in lives and lines

making people strong


change lives

for the better

Friday, November 14, 2014

For Victoria C Slotto ~ dVerse Meeting the Bar ~Word Artists, Grab a Brush and Write!– ~ Treasure Hunt In The Sea ~

Oh so brazen audacious Gold,
floating in glorious celestial spheres
now visible now disappeared
Is it poetic art of the mystic sonneteer
or the work of the mischievous Kobold?

What pirates of the Carribean
 may eye it to loot daring to
 slash the seven headed 
sea serpent brute ?

Pieces of Eight -Pieces of Eight!
Long John Silver may say-
as you glitter blend and  sway 
 unfold from thunder ebonic to 
flaming flying flashing furious forms
from deep stokehold darkness to fiery storms

Lo behold, marigold in the open seas
moving, trailing the Master Wardens
No one knows how many miles you travel
carrying the  lightest load, you unravel
mysteries of life, reflect the Supreme Power

remain unsold precious and cool
no one can steal nor collect in a pool
endless vapours hot flares creating energy
Giving  all in  unlimited un measureable shower'

Thursday, November 13, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Swimming ~ 'No Ropes On The Skies ' ~

I seek, learn, I find, I wish to reach
fears do not restrict nor the physique

 Mortal being, dust in water, making
way,on a divine path, growing moving

against winnowing wind, stable, on
stretched out expanse,yet folded 

in curves.particles myriads, sand,
like waves, low and high in dunes

rising settling  flying dispersing
clouding rolling covering grease

golden blackish floodwater beneath
 moving in circles in oceans, seas

or in circles same, like a star encircling
or like fish in water organized, gliding 

winged, small light colored or black
flapping in self. gliding forth and back 

a movement divine, see
 the Glory the Power The Sign 

the rising of the sun and the decline
swimming in a limit, within a time

divided unseen there, here by a rope in line
no ropes on the skies no rift or drift

suspended in glory each in its own shift 
'All in an orbit are swimming'

'all in an orbit are swimming'
Reference from : Surah Al Anbiyal ( The Prophets) 21:33
And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; 
all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

For IGWRT ~ Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday's Mini-Challenge: Salvatore Quasimodo ~ 'Cease The Futile Dream'

Unreal World, 
Oblivion immersed
Misty shady magically Gothic,
False beliefs in Lethe sunk,
Why not cease the futile dream-,
Losing Time, spent better else,
it is,  but effort of the Self'
Come away from Fairy Land,
Let us See, where we really stand

Let us See, where we really stand
raise our hands in prayers
bow our heads  for peace before
 The Power Grand!

This is certain, 
Uncertainty is not the Strand! 
Truth is there 
Truth will be The Certain Band!
Come’ Away from Fairy Land !

In the mirror, see
the real world-then let
The Miracle be...
beyond the sky, beneath the sea
emerge in pearly purity
No more  Fairy Land
No more uncertainty

O' Astraea, Return ! in word
 and deed, knowledge and justice  
never before in this
warring world forlorn
was felt for you, a greater need'

Come Be the Ambassador
Bring the Utopian Grand
No More Fairy Land, but 
Peace with all Virtue and certainty ' 

Ref Poem Mirror
(Ed ecco sul tronco)

                                                    CER Copyright 2014  anjum wasim dar

For POETS UNITED ~ ' Midweek Motif -Bonfire ~ 'Boneless Bony Bonfire' ~

Image courtesy Google

No more wars will there be
no more plots or intrigues  
no rockets tanks or missiles
guns loaded on razee, set to sea;

planes drones shells and stones
screams cries groans and moans
all the hate fear race or creed
for any war there will be no need;

 today I have finished all desire
anger, wants of gold sapphire
all worldly 'Bones of Contentions'
Burnt them All in fine attire in a 

'Boneless  Bony Bonfire'

Friday, November 7, 2014

For MAGPIE Tales ~ Mag 244 ~ If Guns Were Flowers ~

if guns were flowers they would be colorful

beautiful appealing and  smell so nice

they would be light to carry ,would carry love

and powder of affection rather than affliction

if guns were flowers there would be  gardens

more and graves less, joy more, sadness less

would soothe comfort please  and caress

friends favorites fans  more,enemies less

if guns were flowers I would plant them

then gather the seeds to share for PEACE

then gather some more , go to the shore

sail the seas on ancient ship,to get more

                             CER Copyright 2014  anjum wasim dar

Sunday, November 2, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry 225 ~ Once Again I see All In Nothingness

Once again a cold mist surrounds
Grey dull  darkness makes the light
Thin bare branches stretch out tight
bracing the long wintery wait with
the trunk stuck deep aground;
Once again I see All , the same
Life is a game
Of time Of love  Of words Of rhyme;
Once again I see
rainbow  twinkles  in those dark eyes
Once again I see Him  The Supreme 
with the fleeting glance 
He made  All  in His own  image
I see Him when I see  All  and I wonder-
How close is He, in a smile in the eyes-
No one knows how time flies

 Once again I know He sends love
 From the Heavens above
The spirits are one  with words
Formed in flowing thoughtful poetry-
Once again there is emptiness but
I see All in this Nothingness
Once again a cold mist surrounds
Once again I see All , the same
                                                                                              Copyright CER 2014 anjum wasim dar

Saturday, November 1, 2014

~ Random Thoughts in Oblivion ~

Darkness engulfs when eyes are closed
sleep like death drowns in oblivion
nothing felt nothing  perceived

in unknown lands the spirit slips
flying amid visions, hours uncounted, 
flying in spaces in gorges steep 

  who thinks in heart and mind,calls
a trance strange, casts a pall, move
and turn consciousness recalls 

open eyes to feel alive its the same 
silence broken by a dog's bark 
bed chair cover  blanket and walls

four days away with broken links
what thoughts flow what one may play
missing someone? Oh do not say...

come finish the tasks that you must
you have faith with truth and trust
sincere intent  love  pure and just

judge not O heart you do not know
other than what words may show
be true, write true  make hope flow

Words are sacred words are holy
words guide words are company 
words are  comfort words are lovely

words first make the way to love
words from the heart reach the heart 
and convey the truth from above