Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Gooseberry Goes Poetic & JP at Olive Garden ~ A Scattered Thought On World Peace ~ I Dream of A Place ~

I dream of a Place of Peace
But dreams are in vain
Time and again there is pain;
I was brought to a Promised Land
Created with killing, insane;
Where remnants of blood
Traces of flood,
Sensations of fear remain;
I dream of a place secure
Clean colorful and pure
But I am not sure
As I see
 the flying roof of a bus
As I hear
 the terrifying sound of a blast
OH how long is it going to last?
As I fear
One moment in time
May be so fast , before we know
And thus we where, no more;
I dream of a moment of hope,
Of a land where I may be
And I may for eternity, stay;
Truer than any dream and I
With good grace and gratitude 
Be happy for ever and pray.