Wednesday, September 30, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Recovery/Healing ~ Mother, I Saw You' ~

Exhausted,after surgery, half dead unthinking sleepy
 fuzzy mind, surrendering to other hands, eyes  and knives, busy on my clayey  lodgings, removing what lay inside, a life, to give lives unseen unknown, 
obeying the Divine Creator, creating motherhood-

My eyes only saw eyes,reflecting sympathy concern, care,Chosen by The Supreme to help me live, a little more, someone needs my share of love, a little more,

 a duty for me is still to be done, and I have to be 
with one who stands beside-

a smile, a gloved hand, a voice soft, a heart learning for years, how to cure, now ready for sure, more friends than real friends ashore-

Why I keep forgetting the face?

I see the vision, the presence, the grace;
Mother, its you I see, I feel in her, she touched, 

cleaned, cut and stitched, 
came again and again and again,
when I was stiff and senseless in pain-

I felt a hand,and heard a voice, 'twenty minutes more it said,a voice…calm, a look angel like…
fear left me, then there was peace,

 I felt a hand on my forehead-

Mother is it you?  with me here...
She smiled,  peaceful oblivion engulfed-
Yes, Mother was there…
All the time, with love and prayer.

Monday, September 28, 2015

~ Peace Can Come ~

Darkness cut  second by second
time ticks away ignorance
each day dawns with light spread
making birds flutter fly and dance

light rises in majestic style
shining for all in Holy silence
no grumble roar or distortion
elegance royal crown golden

in this peace so peaceful morn
why then the day is torn
with strife n struggle hate born
with peace that rises so strong?

wither peace that rises so bright?
after the dark and criminal night-
everyday we have the golden light
tis mans loss -lost is the fight-

Stay O Golden Light
Keep the Peace so pure
and bright-remove the hate
the darkness tight-

Stay O Light Only You
can help us win the fight...

Peace is right peace can come...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

~Shattered Peace in Peaceful Time ~

By the blue,
curling in rolling in and rolling back
Like tiny serpents creeping up
 with stings poised
Pulled back to unseen depths
Golden myriads glistened 
as in sunlight life lay
Bathing basking relaxing-

There is enough time !
Delicately exposed yearning for the tan
Tender petal like still,  unaware lying
Ready bait for the brutal mind

It is My Time !
And from the  shade , came not the coolness
But hot fire,blistering bodies in the sand
Not shielding from the sun-
Life so stilled  as 
Hot bullets rained sprayed from the gun

there was no time’ 
there was no time’.

~ Awakened Are We To The Desires Forbidden ~

What bravery whither courage 

what defiance Trojan like, 

nor wisdom of Odysseus, 

to bear  an ordeal, an odyssey,

 to attain pardon-

Asleep are we on the fires unlit, 

fires which we should kindle; 

True faith made seven sleepers sleep

For years for a purpose, ours is now

A   purposeless sleep, existence sunk-

Asleep we are as Lagan’ buried,

 in oblivion drunk, cold to The Call

warm to the Dark Chieftain, 

singing swinging in fatal pleasure,

 fiery and crimson,

 unaware of the deadly apian;

Awakened  we are or in Lethe dipped

 will our souls  repair, our spirit slipped

our bodies clipped, be the pure sound 

or be forever like Promethean bound?

Awakened are we to desires forbidden….