Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loneliness is a powerful thing
to write about.
No one hears
even if you shout

no one reads
                           there is doubt
Loneliness is a killing thing

lump in the throat

numb and afloat feet
heart sinking and
missing the beat
Loneliness is a depressive thing

It comes in a day
when a dear one is
indifferent and far away
with reasons unknown
what can one say-

Loneliness is a lonesome thing

it stays with the lonely
and makes them sing
when they cannot fly
with their broken wings.

Loneliness is a powerful thing
when it builds patience
when it fills emptiness
when it heals wounds

when it shows colors

when it reveals character

Loneliness is a powerful thing
when it does not come once
when it goes and returns
when it widens distances
when it cools the burns
Loneliness is the absence of response.