Friday, September 30, 2011

~How Would I Know, If Someone~~`

How would I know, if someone thinks of me

In this life,  In this time,  In this world

In this orb variegated, of struggle and strife

Short and tense, devoid of sense, thoughtless I lie

Lost I stand, amidst a throng I wander,

Staring aimless , still sinking far into the expanses

of soul spirit and mystery,

Oh, the heart, bleeding profusely

Say, do you think truly Is your song faithful

And your thoughts virtue? How would I write?

What words may convey  the song I hear,

From the smile I see,

sinking deep in the cold recesses of the heart, innocently,

what name, what place, where from does it come to me?

“Oh The winds did sing it softly”

“Why so late in life, tenderly silently?”

fears strike as tears roll down,

the cheeks, uncontrolled, freely

Why, a desire, a fire, a sweet tune

On the strings of the lyre,

Will The Song fix the broken heart,

Or  the windowsill be ready

to place the shining daffodils

Destiny plays across the oceans

No more useful,

The Trojans or The Horse wooden;

Greece or Troy –Hell or Eden

How can The Heart bridge the two worlds apart?

Can the smile be the message or the lines from The Song?

Telling me I am not wrong, that faith is strong with honesty

And that is how I would know if someone truly thinks of me.