Wednesday, October 12, 2011

POEM in Response to Thursday Poets Rally Week 53 (6-12 Oct.2011)~ Christmas Time, Christmas Time and Prayers,

Christmas Time, Christmas Time and  Prayers,

Prayers for peace, a peaceful refuge,

Welcome Light, with lights on trees,
Green and white, in coloured deluge;
Décor delight diversity diverted;
All hope one, all call one, All pray one;

Life to begin, or life , to cease?

Christmas Time, Healing Time and Tremors,
Tremors of blasts, killing blasts,
Farewell Love, with flags on caskets
Red and Blue, in deathly solitude,

Sacred silence spirit severed;

All around flowers, all fresh now

All withered now, none in baskets;
Christmas Time Christmas Time and Salvation

Salvation, for every nation?

Salvation Eternal, end of turmoil
in blood and sand, crimson and cream,

a moaning scream, a shattered dream?

One for one, each kills one, one by one, till none is none.
Christmas Time, Christmas Time and Love;

Love for All, a Tolerant Love,

With Gifts garlands and Gatherings,
Silver and Gold, Young and Old, the Brave and the Bold,

Weak and Strong, the Fighters for Freedom for the World;

All with Love, All at Home,

None at WAR, Glad Tidings for All.


I nominate OPEN SPACES Music of My Mind


  1. festive spirits,
    well done.

    Happy Rally.

  2. Aslam'o Alikum mam,excellent idea keep it up.

  3. sure is a nice celebration, your color scheme enhanced it as well, happy rally1 :)

  4. I really enjoyed the message here. See you around. Well done!

  5. This is beautiful. What I really love is the way you have poetically conveyed suffering and the always turning back to the Most High.

  6. Even in blessing we are called to remember the lost. Gather us ALL indeed.