Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Response to ~ Patterns of Life ~ by Victoria C Slotto in - dVerse Meeting the Bar ~ Solitude ~

when I sit alone by myself
 gazing at the boundless sky
often I see a solitary bird
gliding gracefully far up high

                                                             Then I do not think myself alone 

When I tread on ground or grass
trees and flowers and plants I pass
flies buzz around,butterflies flutter
ants walk in line as if to class

                                                                 Then I do not think myself alone 

when I search the Heavens seven 
created in layers consistent, my
questing vision perceives no break
but patterns amazing  in the firmament
                                                                     Then I do not think myself alone

when I look at the pedestrians path
cars and buses pass on the road
tyres screech horns honk loud 
faces smile in advertisement boards

                                                                       Then I do not think myself alone

busy days work is at its end
how time passed how did it fly
words thought more,less,penned
as stars appear to shine in the sky

                                                                    Then I do not think myself alone

days work done and prayers said
peace in my heart no fears no dread
then thoughts of a friend come to me
a source of comfort and company 

                                                                   Then I do not think myself alone

faith in Allah my Guardian Dear
when He is near I have no fear
when a friend is  sincere and I
 have the patient courage to bear 

                                                                   Then I do not think myself alone

Photograph 'Clouds' is from my personal photo album  Copyright CER 201


  1. Healthy and serene patterns work well with the repetition and the pics. Beautiful.

  2. Nice poetic rhythmical flow and vibrant refrain line ~ Nice work at the prompts :)

    1. Thank you Friend Humbird I feel greatly encouraged by your visit