Sunday, September 28, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #220 ~ Shadows of Sacred Change ~

Mists of mellow fruitfulness-
mists of mystery-mists of death
Oh' the smile that breaks 
at the sight of misty breath!

Hark ! There is  Horror 
of Mist on The Mount
Hardly seconds or
 moments one can count
Of Life -not of any suicide
 blast this was the sound

Nor the fire, its aftermath,
 nor the billowing smoke
Of a Tear gas shell-
who can tell after the scene of hell
like scatter of thick bestrewn sedge, 
metal twisted , matter molten
from edge to edge,

what was full of hope and love
Destiny took All Above; 
What Prayers were said at night
what fasts were kept in the day-
see the flesh burn and bodies decay-

 Hopeful Sunshine seeping through faintly
hinting at the Sacred Change shaking tenderly
'trunks like tombstones  tighten the barks
ready for the cold touching like sharks
Come in the shade while Autumnal Graces 
Come in under the shadow of the
brown yellow and  red leaves-

Remember the dead tree
 gives no shelter'

Let Us Beware , Be Awake,
 Go not astray-O' Oedipus, King
O Prince Hamlet 
O' Action , not procrastination-Let Us
Find the disease and clean the nation-

Thursday, September 25, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Heritage Day ~ Ode to The Kaangarri ' ~

O Kaangarri, O sweet Kaangarri'
Thou empty cold Queen of Energy'
Unique symbol of Kashmiri Identity
Any Historian may relate thy graceful
warmth '
But why art thou so cold and quiet
"What leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape
Of deities or mortals, or of both"
What Attic shape -
under the arm 
you drove away fear
and kept one warm' 
yet now a touch of sadness I feel
Kangri O Kaangarri' How sweet Thou art'
what sunny winters thou hast seen
in snowy mountains clear streams, valleys green,
I long for, have never been nor ...but no, will be
One day we shall return -
'Karyo Manzar jigras jaye shamno
maa e masha ni -Mere Watan'
We will return to your heaven'
O Kaangarri' Thou art silent in grief I know
Your heart has shed all tears and so is dry
But we shall not any more cry
We have the Black Gold, Great Nature's gift'
That will bring you back to the shift
Thou art eternally blessed , a treasure to keep
No one may steal no one may weep
For '"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all 
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
O' sweet Kaangarri' thou has thy beauty too
I have loved you' preserved you, I shall always love you'
A Kaangarri' may be described as a clay pot enclosed in a basket made of willow rushes,filled with hot charcoal.Used in winters to keep oneself warm for long hours, a Kaangarri is a mobile object , an excellent heating device and a unique invention by the skillful people of Kashmir.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Rosemary Nissan-Wade's Presentation 'The Living Dead ~Honoring Our Poetic Ancestors ~ Geoffrey Chaucer ~

'But it's medieval language. Are you tearing out your hair trying to understand it? -

Rosemary Nissan Wade's charming linguistic prompt blossomed all the rainbow colors in the fast turning brown of Autumnal graces. Ah Chaucer 'most parfit gentle knight' Father of the English Language, the starting point of  English that is global today a 'must read 'for all English Literature students Poet -of the 14th Century 'having God's plenty' indeed is to be honored for the greatest accomplishment of All Ages- The Development of English Language -I respect the Great poet and share these lines for Poets United.Thank you Rosemary Nissan Wade for reviving the Classic...  

O’ we begin with Chaucer G
way back in the fourteenth century
and that’s how English should be
studied discussed and understood
when was there a ’schwa’ or not
or just another ‘e’.
‘To be or not to be ‘
do we quote all this deliberately?
Poets poets poets and poetry
is all that we read and see.
From the Classical Athenian Greeks
to the shores of Roman Virgilian Italy.

I was a reader of Literature
of floristic  archaic aphoristic pithy
utterances about lean mean and murky
But Poets make people they 
make nations
build stations on high-here are the words
 of how the blades and swords
 brought life and victory;
Poets stay alive and keep alive Poetry
-No Poets are Dead but A Dead Society-

Thursday, September 18, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Hildegard von Bingen ~ O' Nobilissima Viriditas ~ Green Leaves Trembling ~

In Honor of Saint  Hildegard Von Bingen 
Poet Philosopher Preacher Composer Writer and a Divine Visionary 1098-1179
Reason #4:  "A cornerstone of Hildegard's spirituality was Viriditas, or greening power, her revelation of the animating life force manifest in the natural world that infuses all creation with moisture and vitality. To her, the divine was manifest in every leaf and blade of grass. . . . Hildegard celebrated the sacred in nature, something highly relevant for us in this age of climate change and the destruction of natural habitats."


'Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of earth’s greenings. Now, think. What delight God gives to humankind with all these things. . . . All nature is at the disposal of humankind. We are to work with it. For without we cannot survive.

The Word is living, being, spirit, all verdant greening, all creativity. This Word manifests itself in every creature. '

                                       Viriditas' Greening Power' by Hidegard of Bingen 

Green Leaves Trembling 

With the tremors
Shivering with laughter
What do they see?
That makes them murmur
Sweet rustlings;

Tender whisperings
Like the twittering
And the flittering
Manifesting Nature
In the green sea;

Waving leaves
Like the waves
Moving the living
And the dead
Spread for miles yet
With limits bound
Trunk so firm
in the ground
But the green
So serene

Silently brave
Taking life’s chance
Continues with the dance
Happy to be, to us unseen

With what, they see around.

Monday, September 15, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #218 ~ My World Is Where I Am ~

My world is where I am,
sorting the real and the scam

amid visions of the recent dreams
haunting the mind in flashes
sounds dull and fierce screams,
time feels still and time fast flies
I try to stop the tears and the cries.
In vain, my world crumbles

As in my dreams I stumble
          As thunder roars across the skies,
‘I have a dream” Ah
And I had dreams, I am a dream,
I dream in pain, as down came the rain

My world , flooded to the brim
Chances of survival , thin and grim
I struggled and gasped for breath

A muddy slushy powerful gush
Of Death, reigned supreme,
A loud shout again a sharp scream
Twists and turns and a sudden hush!

Life was still ,
 warm was the blood,

I woke up
And I understood-The Lord was Merciful !
The Lord is Merciful !
Someone needs me I must stay

And I had time to be better and do more Good.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

In Response to Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday's Mini-Challenge: September Sky ~ Still the War Goes On ~

Islamabad The Beautiful

In 1965 on the 6th of September Pakistan was attacked by India-That war ended after 17 days. Another kind of war 'Zarb e Azb' (The Cutting  Blow )  is now going on against Terrorism- It is 2014  Still the War Goes On...War and Death in September 2001-  Still the War Goes On...

September Sky dolefully darkens as mystic vapors rise, seems to call O' Underworld receive Persephone  She comes to be with husband Hades.

Changing colors changing breezea whiff of heat  for trembling leaveslast of the blossoms before the Fallevery year,trees cry as greens cease  


The 6th of September came again 

and brought memories of war blasts and fights 

in black outs courage prevailed as fears

 grew everyday a front opened, new-

each day brought a fresh death 

young and tender with a soft 

breath' cooled!a formless form-

when nothing was gained from the destructive

 storm thrown  blown and shown around;

all that was Holy stately and grand 

 in an instant brought to the ground;

Memories remain of

 a love lost

 a shattered dream 

a silent scream 

And the War goes on.... 

And bodies fall  And so do the leaves

 And so do the trees 

And so many tears

And September Calls.....

Who is being fooled......Who is being ruled

Who is hiding and law abiding

Who is lost and who is found;

I wonder who is the victor  And when will be the last round?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In Response to Dr Susan L Chast's Poem ~ School Teacher ~ A Teachers Thoughts ~


A class given
A class taken
A class controlled
A class shaken

          A lesson learnt
          A lesson taught
          A lesson missed
          A lesson caught

 Who to blame
 For time wasted?
 Who to praise
 For wine tasted?

  A day dawned
A moment inspired
Then sudden  shots  fired---
 so many young  expired.

Wither education desired
Why killers were hired?
Who so slyly conspired?

 Respected Pedagogy, 
Hardworking Soul!
Day and Night for the
Honorable Goal-

Your efforts are true
Your aim divine, you
are for All not one
nor me nor mine '

To Honor You is Best
You work more than rest
If students would care
They'd get A Plus rare'

so students in vain their 
classes may bunk
Grades strike the sight,
but characters are sunk

In Response to ~ Six Word Saturday ~

All for One, All for One 

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Melody ~ Come Waltz With Me ~

As I go a wandering 
along the mountain track
I  hear the Pipers 100 or so 

                Go On Go On Play On
                 Any Dream Will Do  

As I go hopping n skipping
on the yellow brick road
I  see colors over the rainbow

                 Go On Go On Shine On
                 Any Dream Will Do  

As I run after the rabbit
and check my watch as I go
I hear Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho'

                 Go On Work On Work On
                 The Dream Will Come True 

Its amazing how I hear you 
across the oceans wide n blue 
I know I walked once with you,

                   Sail On and  On, To Distant Shore
                   Now I am getting to know you

 and now I  sail away beneath the sky
 as stars twinkling keep watch, up high
I know they have not all gone' they spy

                    My boat is nearing the shore I see
                    My Dream I hold My Hope To Be'

Love Devotion Feeling Emotion No Fear
I believe in destiny to return to my self'
Not weak nor wrong but faithful n strong

                       The Light dawns Peace is near 
                        Come for a while before I sleep

                                 Come, I wait,Come' waltz with me

                                                 AndrĂ© Rieu - The Beautiful Blue Danube

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TUESDAY POEM ~ Remembering September ~ Wither Your Joys and Peace ~

Chinaar Tree Road Abbottabad Pakistan

During the senior school years
there were hardly any fears
and the best I remember
 the movie 'Come September'
the dance was the Twist'
Rock n Roll  also on the list
so  peaceful I can still hear
the silence of the summer,
the snow and the mist;

Then came  younger days when
care and responsibility ensnares
life's serious order is 'stay in the den'
do not dare and face many 'bewares'

but that September that came
brought a war of blame
so many brave died
so many fled and lied'
nothing was gained
nothing dark came to light
the only outcome of all that might'
was the beginning of another long fight;

so yet again September it was
A Tuesday crash and burn'~
happily we prepared for 
my daughter's life took a turn
we found the right boy to wed
 all was joy and vows were said;
amid all this happiness and fun
 came a shock to many not one,
the event that made the world
shake and tremble, 
on the 11th of September;


will there ever be peace again
when we could hear the drops of rain
 light was the hurt  less was the pain
 we could dance to the tune.that I remember
Yes it was, it was, it was...'Come September'...
OH September....? whither your joys and peace?

what should we remember 
the melody or the number?

Monday, September 8, 2014

In Response to Brenda's Wordle ~ 177 ~ Carry Away Punished Love ~

forgotten rose desperately clung

 suffocating entangled 
in wildly flying locks, winnowing
golden mane of bold Arabian steed;
frightened falsely, punished love, 
drifting in doubtful trust;

life races, emotions meander

 in faith caste and creed
O' for a few penned siglos
rejected precious rose,
to be or not to be,or to 
Fly away' to serene Argos'

full thrust,  full speed
no thoughts of loss, but safety
from cannon balls sabers thorny 
weed, one heart one spot hurts 
what words can kill

what words may win
what words survive
on unfelt untouched dismal
green field, worse than  Chaos
and now on hold on spot on edge
O Dear Rose cling tight   

what plant from the seed
may rise and with delight
untangle unfold reveal
remove the silent darkness
and signal ok' the Light'

Hold on Hope, Call !  O' Joss' 

Wordle Words : rose thrust meander horses ball dismal locks spot plant bullet signal edge

anjum wasim dar Copyright CER 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #217 ~ Sail On Sail On ~ Strange Are The Nights ~

Strange are the nights with visions
of gleaming fleams
piercing screams
no more cool and nestled are
sunbeam and moonbeam
in space, remember?
NO No Blaspheme” No’
one cannot swim upstream
but sink by degrees over
a period of unknown years

like King Odysseus who lost
his ship drunk without fears’
timeless oblivion
easily persuaded in pleasure sunk;
‘Stay stay ‘ keep the ship straight’
be in ‘septime firmfooted on floor
there is no door on the seas’
Pay Tribute to the Controlling Breeze
with love in the ‘heart that is free’
Sail on Sail on on ample space
‘Beware ‘the ship may drown in Tarim’
Sail on sail on ‘ ready is the harvest
of Berseem’
And I dream on of Quinquereme’


~ Universal Emotions ~ If I Could reach You ~

If I could reach you any time I feel like
and talk to you like the way good friends
do I am sure -
You must be wishing the same too
But cannot do so even if we wanted to

life is too harsh and insecure now
I know, you cannot share the secret 
of your thoughts, you may fret
at the responsibilities that are set
For us, in this vicious circle
entangling us at all times and all level;

you know how I feel about you
But do you believe now?
Would you come to see me?
Perhaps yes, perhaps no
But You have other things to view-

The unwell the hurt, the fettered,
 all need you more than I do!
Where ever I may be  should you worry?
Our ways were not the same, Oh so sorry
If I could reach you I would tell you
How much I think of you
How much your vision appears and 
How much I weep and keep
a smiling face before other tears
stream down silently and I 
ask myself -why did I meet
See you in life-

If I could reach you I would ask 
You may have the answer 
Why people have fears?
If I could reach you I may get
the peace that I got before
and thought it would stay
But nothing is forever,
But why do we miss people 
and think about them 
even if they do not wish 
to be remembered.

If I could reach you I would tell you
it was something  in your eyes
and your affectionate smiles
two things that bring people close
And love is then  called  'A Rose'-

If I could reach you I would tell you
You take my time flow in my thoughts, 
still even if you are away
for miles and miles,for miles and miles

Saturday, September 6, 2014

~ Love in Doubt ~

Over the years I have learnt
To be soft and tender in 
my speech If I have to reach
The heart and soul 
of someone I love;

Over the days I have tried
To be patient and brave
To bear harsh realities and save 
my strength to wait at length
To let silent tears soothe my fears
Of The Grave and Lonely years,

Over the moments I have 
stepped back, to give space
To close my eyes and feel the 
serene face and tender touch 
of the Spirit I so dearly love.

Over my life I have drifted, 
along, with the flow
I came to know
I have to go and be slow
To move step by step
shed tears drop by drop,

Over my heart I found,
 nothing was my own
It All had to be gifted,
to known and unknown

Over my Heart I saw, 
as inside I bled
Outside All was black 
as the invisible was red,
love's return, hard to find,

Values virtues vanished, 
none- was really  kind
the more you cared 
the more you lost
No one would hear 
til it was a shout-

And with all your sincere Love
Your love was always in doubt.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

~ That Special Book for The Angel ~

I wish I could be that special book
in which I could place my thoughts
like the scented rose close forever
never to wither or be dry but 
All I am able to do is cry-

I wish I were that special book

I feel my unseen angel reads, unheard… 
we speak  and laugh and share
the  pain and how to make it less
and  again, with a calm serene smile-
I find  no one close for miles

I wish I were that special book

 I find a peace I never felt for quite
a while-I wish I could be the book
and place for the angel rose and 
each day say  a prayer and  return 
the unseen  smile 
I find I am but on a screen, just a page...

I seek  the  angel on the page and
Up in the sky, my faith tells me
I see a light 
I need not cry
I pray…but  tears fall on the book 
Can the unseen ever be in sight?