Saturday, September 13, 2014

In Response to Dr Susan L Chast's Poem ~ School Teacher ~ A Teachers Thoughts ~


A class given
A class taken
A class controlled
A class shaken

          A lesson learnt
          A lesson taught
          A lesson missed
          A lesson caught

 Who to blame
 For time wasted?
 Who to praise
 For wine tasted?

  A day dawned
A moment inspired
Then sudden  shots  fired---
 so many young  expired.

Wither education desired
Why killers were hired?
Who so slyly conspired?

 Respected Pedagogy, 
Hardworking Soul!
Day and Night for the
Honorable Goal-

Your efforts are true
Your aim divine, you
are for All not one
nor me nor mine '

To Honor You is Best
You work more than rest
If students would care
They'd get A Plus rare'

so students in vain their 
classes may bunk
Grades strike the sight,
but characters are sunk