Saturday, March 28, 2015

For Hyde Park Poetry Palace ~ The Ant The Spider and The Bee ~

Thank you Hyde Park Poetry Palace

I nominate Amrit Sinha and Alison Sandberg

The ant the spider and the bee I wonder which is best of the three
If I see the qualities of the insects three, all are unique company
each created superb in structure form color shape and ability
All three have the sting, a security weapon against 
the enemy
the ant has a hill the spider a web, and hive is
 for the bee
all three industrious, restless, focused, 
productive in unity
a pleasure to observe, a treasure to know, 
a gift to enjoy
Nature creates miracles for the benefit 
of mankind, a pity
If spiders ants and bees are killed, no honey,
 a cause to cry;
I wonder if I were an ant what a tiny creature 
I would be
Even if I were a spider, even then very frail and 
thin I would be
Ah but if I were a bee, then I would be
strongest of the three
Then perhaps I choose to be not a spider, ant,
 but rather a bee'

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