Thursday, April 9, 2015

For Theme Thursday ~ For April 9, 2015 - TENDER ~ 'Misty Warmth ~


   Soft and tender misty fog
   Envelops my being, as an 
   Unseen presence stirs memories
   Of moments in quietude-
   Heaviness clouds me into
   A log, as I place 
   My hand only to find 
   Ethereal space;

   It is a trace
   In mind and heart,
   A vision in awakened sleep
   Constantly condensing peace
   In tears of grief
   That slide down the cheek;

   The hours spent to seek 
   the solace
   Of the tender misty fog,
   That brought inner peace
   And relieved the stress;

   But does true love ever 
   fall from Grace?
   Leaving one in a blind
   Race; Life may cease,
   But will trust return to
   Unlace the gasping fog-

   And with the tender touch
   And misty warmth, embrace...
   And with sunshine, the distance, replace?

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Enlightenment ~ Life and Truth ~

Life is short see the industrious ant the tiny bee
in split seconds crushed killed under the feet

life is joy loss and sorrow,there is but tomorrow
 all have a journey a purpose, strong or weak 

all things but appear a meaningless scatter
when lost is the touch, body gone for ever

 objects clothes even words don't score
when  cherished valued person is no more

one may keep snaps , books, cards and files
it becomes a storehouse of still silent piles

The  heavy prompt rests on a serious note
reminds me of  poet  Ghalib and I quote

'when I ceased to be,they found no ends
only'some love letters, some snaps of friends'

(chnd tasweer e butan, chnd haseenon ke khatoot
  baad marne ke mere ghar se ye samaan nikla)

so what to leave behind and what all to take
leave the old memories, carry all good no fake

for a writer, its the pen filled with non drying ink
the notebook , the laptop to maintain the link

with it I may sling on my camera  a gifted Sony 
 would love to ride and fly on a white winged pony

strong or weak, bright or dark all end down on knee
but stars shine, will shine till eternity for you and me

This is the enlightenment that distances matter not
If hearts have love, one is present, present or not

Monday, April 6, 2015

NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 5 ~ Emily Dickinson Poem...Variation ~ Feathers of Hope ~

“Hope” is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson

Feathers of Hope 

Flying lightly all over
feathers of hope hover
linger alive tingle the soul
stay without burden,cover
the spirit, awakening the heart
from time to time, warding away
danger depression sadness cold
storms in the turbulent seas, not
harming even a bird or a gull
but keeping the lull,cajoling Poseidon
for softness soothing mercy, nothing
ever from me asking or the entire humanity
but flying closer to all flying for peaceful eternity