Thursday, April 9, 2015

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Enlightenment ~ Life and Truth ~

Life is short see the industrious ant the tiny bee
in split seconds crushed killed under the feet

life is joy loss and sorrow,there is but tomorrow
 all have a journey a purpose, strong or weak 

all things but appear a meaningless scatter
when lost is the touch, body gone for ever

 objects clothes even words don't score
when  cherished valued person is no more

one may keep snaps , books, cards and files
it becomes a storehouse of still silent piles

The  heavy prompt rests on a serious note
reminds me of  poet  Ghalib and I quote

'when I ceased to be,they found no ends
only'some love letters, some snaps of friends'

(chnd tasweer e butan, chnd haseenon ke khatoot
  baad marne ke mere ghar se ye samaan nikla)

so what to leave behind and what all to take
leave the old memories, carry all good no fake

for a writer, its the pen filled with non drying ink
the notebook , the laptop to maintain the link

with it I may sling on my camera  a gifted Sony 
 would love to ride and fly on a white winged pony

strong or weak, bright or dark all end down on knee
but stars shine, will shine till eternity for you and me

This is the enlightenment that distances matter not
If hearts have love, one is present, present or not


  1. This is beautiful...! Love the easy flow of the verses line after off a sense of peace and tranquility.. :D

    1. Thank you Sanaa for your encouraging words

  2. Oh, so beautiful and affirming, that all have a purpose here and, especially, "If hearts have love, one is present, present or not." Wonderful, Anjum.

  3. Material things are not remember someone who gave you love nuturing real friendship and smiles and while you live they live with you.They are part of you and when you die it will carry on like a chain of remembrance.

  4. "If hearts have love, one is present, present or not"..I feel it...a beautiful poem..

  5. Yes. When I saw "there is but tomorrow" I didn't see that it was a critique of the ant and the bee. But by the middle and end of the poem enlightenment grows. "The meaningless scatter" disappears and--because of Love we do today--what is distant remains here. QUite a circle of love--hand holding pen on papr and writing from the heart.

  6. Thank you Dr Susan your response adds much to my writing and imaginative 'enlightenment' I look forward to regards always.

  7. hope filled promises........................:)