Thursday, September 5, 2019

FOR ~ IGRT ~ Wordy Monday with Wild Woman: Castle Ruins, Lowering Skies........Tell us a Story!


The Moors, the lowering skies, the ruins of a castle, the ghosts of times long past, the phantom tinkling of a piano, and the long lingering moaning hound of the unseen feared animal, heard often in the dark damp foggy atmosphere, sent a shiver down his spine, North Yorkshire, known as the notorious place of strange encounters welcomed him with an eerie sensation that evening.
“At last I am here to see for myself, to experience the horrific thrill and perhaps meet a ghost too’, S. Redstar the keen historian thought about the story he had read in the newspaper a few days ago, which made him plan and take this daring trip.
“Disappeared without a trace,” the heading read. Disappearances were common. The belief was that people were suffering from a strange phenomena, which kept them normal during the day but made them react oddly during the night. Not the Count Dracula type nor like Frankenstein either, making it difficult to judge who the real patient was.

    S. Redstar stood by the side of the narrow road, in the distance he could make out the castle ruins, he was so engrossed when suddenly a large bird flew out from the ruins, screaming wildly and vanished in the dark sky. Something or someone had disturbed the bird.
A low moan alerted him and then he saw …a crowd of human forms huddling together, heads hooded, cloaked to the feet, appeared from the mist, moving slowly they disappeared in the ruins of the castle.
O Lord, who are these people? What ails them? I must find out I must achieve my purpose.
He flashed his torch sending the prearranged signal, soon four  guards were beside him. Cautiously they stepped up to the ruins.
Their search was fruitless, but a message writ large stunned them.
‘ Dungeon to Heaven – Welcome.' it said

Mystery solved  ?


Jim said...

Anjum, Yes and No is my answer. Mystery answered but not solved. Seems your humans had come out of their Dungeon for some fresh air and sunshine.
You had my attention from the beginning with the finding of "unseen feared animal(s)." A few years after their retirement they moved from their small farm onto town. Later I visited that old house, I was born there, and found that the Racoons had made their home inside, a pile of ancient quilts was their nest.
Welcome to the Imaginary Garden. I am not a Toad member but have been posting as a visitor for years. Most, if you leave a comment on their posting, will return your comment as you are. The sooner you write and sign in using Mr. Linky and visit their web sites it seems the more readers you will have. We are now a fairly small group but once was very large.
You are welcome to visit my blog any time. BTW our family medicine doctor is from Pakastan. She is also an Internal Medicine physician.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

WOW! This is AMAZING!!! I especially like the cloaked figures, and the unexpected message. Yikes, heaven sounds a bit scary, lol. So lovely to read you, Anjum. Thanks for writing to my prompt.

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

Dear Sherry Thank you so much.So much is happening in this Asian region and so fast that my writing has suffered leaving me to one or two poetry prompts, short prose attracted me more. Have been visiting Poets United but not able to respond.Best regards to you and All at PU

brudberg said...

One mystery solved, another mystery born... there will always be layers to be peeled, and just like it is when you peel an onion there will be tears.

Margaret said...

... the setting for a scary movie :) I don't know what to make of that message... I think I'd run away very fast.

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